Surviving Midterms

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Hi friends! I have finally come up for air after a couple of weeks of midterms. My first set of college midterms was stressful but I was able to overcome them successfully. Now I finally have some free time to sit down and write a post about my best tips for getting through testing. Also just need to point out that NY cold is no joke, it was 25 degrees out and my poor California self was freezing! Anyways, here are my best tips for getting through midterm season.

  1. Create a study schedule: time management is probably one of the hardest parts of college. You have free time during the day because you're not in class from 8-3 like in high school but you also have so much going on and naps always seem like the thing to do. But you have to stay strong and plan out when each of your tests are so that you can get ahead in studying and not be cramming the night before.
  2. Turn your phone off: The reason I tend to procrastinate a lot is because I get easily distracted by social media. Although it requires a lot of willpower, turning your phone off will really help you focus until you get what you need to done. 
  3. Sleep: I feel like I say this all the time, but sleep is SO important! If you have been studying all night before your test and your brain just can't retain any more information, just take yourself to bed and go to sleep. You will do better on your test with a full night of sleep, it's been proven -- all nighters are really bad for you!
  4. Use all the resources you can: If you're confused about something, meet with your TA's or your professor and get everything cleared up before the test. My personal favorite study tool is Quizlet which is an online resource to create flashcards and they have a system called "Learn" which is so helpful for really solidifying all of the terms you're trying to remember. 
  5. Prioritize your education: in college there are constant incentives to go out or do things aside from studying. Just remember you don't have to always be out in order to be "cool," sometimes a night in is exactly what you need and you should give yourself the room to do so. Stay focused friends!
  6. Eat a good breakfast: The day of a major test you should try to have a big breakfast to give you the energy you need to get through the day. It may require you to get up a little bit earlier but it's good for your brain :) 
  7. Look good feel good: when I was a freshman in high school, someone told me that he would dress up every time he had an important test because the better he looked the better he felt going into it. This is totally personal preference but if you want an extra boost of confidence, put on your favorite outfit and walk out there feeling good!
As always, I hope you enjoyed this post! See you again soon,

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