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What is your favorite fall time look? Both in fashion and makeup. 

Well when it comes to makeup, I posted my go to fall makeup look a few weeks ago! You can check it out here: It is a lot of warm toned oranges and maroons, the perfect colors for the season! When it comes to fashion, picking my single favorite look is impossible haha. I will say, however, that so far this season I have been loving wearing turtleneck sweaters, a skirt, tights, and boots. I will usually accessorize with a scarf, a beanie, and a warm coat. Stay tuned for some fall outfit inspiration coming on Sunday! 

What are your favorite things about SF? What are your favorite things about NYC? Which do you like better? 

Ok, so this question has been on my mind constantly the past three months. The simple answer, I haven't been in New York enough to say I love it more than San Francisco. I have always been and will always be a Bay Area girl and nothing will ever compare to my home. I think my favorite part of San Francisco is how you can get the "best of both worlds" (throwback to my Hannah Montana days lol), by that I mean you can get the fun and business of a city in Union Square but then drive 10 minutes and be enjoying the tranquility of the beach. In terms of New York, I love how there is always something to do no matter where you go. You can literally be walking down the street and come across a festival, someone famous, a new boutique, or a new delicious restaurant. They're both amazing and I am so blessed to be able to experience both. 

In terms of beauty and self care, what are some challenges the weather in both SF and NYC pose? 

The weather in both places is pretty different and so is the social environment in general. I think that San Francisco is much more laid back and self care is such a huge part of the culture -- there is a yoga studio probably on every other block lol. The constant fog and sea breeze can be both good and bad because the air is really clean and salt water is known to do wonders for your skin and health in general. If you're the type of person who has skin that struggles in cold weather, San Francisco may not favor you especially because sometimes it feels like you haven't seen the sun in days. Now, for me personally, moving to New York in the summer was a nightmare for my skin to say the least. First of all, the air is filthy and that made me break out instantly and on top of that the humidity brought out all of my oils (gross!). Now that it's getting really cold, my skin is constantly dry so I really can't win here lol. In terms of self care, I really don't think New York is the best place, because everything is constantly moving and sometimes it feels like it's been weeks before I have come up for air and gotten a good nights sleep. If you seek out relaxation, however, you can definitely find it and sometimes that just means having a pint of ice cream with your girls one night. 

What are your favorite colors to wear in your clothes and in your makeup for every season?

Fall: Clothes- burnt orange, maroon, black, off white, mustard yellow, forest green. Makeup- red, orange, gold, brown (eyeshadows) and berry, dark brown, and burnt orange (lips).

Winter: Clothes- white, red, black, dark green, shades of brown, faux fur. Makeup- red, gold, brown, green, purple (eyeshadows) and a red lip almost every time lol. 

Spring: Clothes- pastels (yellow, lavender, dusty rose), florals, white, light blue, denim. Makeup- also pastels, rose gold, silver, pink (eyeshadows) nude pink, shimmery glosses, grey (lips). 

Summer: bright colors (yellow, orange, pink) white, denim, blue, florals. Makeup- orange, pink, red, blue, purple, rose gold, gold (eyeshadows) and pink, red, shimmery glosses (lips). 

Really good question, it took me a while to think about this haha. 

I know you've had an ipsy subscription, how well would you say they matched the products to you and your needs/are there any other boxes you would suggest people buy/ that you would want to try out?

Personally I think Ipsy is a really great company if you use it correctly. You have to be pretty accurate in your original quiz when you first join and I HIGHLY recommend you rate the products you receive because they take that input and use it to improve your future bags. I think there were very few products I didn't like over the year I had them but it does make you a bit of a hoarder I will say lol. I do want to try Birchbox at some point to get products aside from makeup. For the guys: my brother has a monthly subscription called Sprezzabox which he seems to love so check that out if you want!

Are there any beauty traditions from your culture that you pull inspiration from or that you simply admire?

I love love love this question I must say and this will probably turn into a longer post at some point but for now I will share some of the basic things I have discovered. Now this may be an obvious answer but when it comes to makeup, red lipstick is such an iconic part of Latinx culture and I always remember seeing Selena and older women in my family rocking a red lip and wanting to be able to wear it myself. I think that Latinx women are just so bold and resilient and that shines through in the way they style themselves -- they aren't afraid to take risks but also keep their traditional looks at heart and this is something I have learned over the years. In terms of hair I have always seen braids and curls as an integral part of my culture and I always look back at the way my mom would style my hair and wish she still did haha. In terms of fashion I think white linen style clothing as well as colorful embroidery is a huge part of our community and it is just so so beautiful. There is just so much to love it makes me so happy. Here's one of my inspirations, my grandma ❤️:

Who are some of your favorite beauty Youtubers?

There are so many but I will choose 10: Zoella, Jaclyn Hill, PatrickStarrr, Jackie Aina, BretmanRock,  KathleenLights, MannyMua, Bella Fiori, Desi Perkins, NikkieTutorials.

Maybe this is a question for after we have survived the winter months here, but any tips for staying glamorous and fashionable while battling snow wind and rain? Is it even possible to look (and feel) as effortless as the models in the down jackets? Or is it a lost cause and will it always end in red cheeks and chapped lips?

Let me start by saying that we will never look like the models in down jackets because that involves so much styling, photography, and heavy editing haha. I think in terms of skin you should try to moisturize constantly so that you don't get dry patches and always carry around some lip balm. If you want to put a full face of makeup on I would just say make sure you set it with powder and setting spray to try to lock it in place as much as possible before going out. If all else fails, just embrace your natural red cheeks and strut down those snow covered streets! 

In terms of conduct and behavior, how do Californians and Newyorkers compare?

I feel like this question is going to get me into a bit of trouble haha. I may be biased but in my experiences thus far, I definitely think Californians are much friendlier. I think you feel a sense of community in both places but New Yorkers are constantly on the move and it is easy to feel ignored or isolated in such a large group of people. There are obviously exceptions because there are mean Californians and incredibly nice New Yorkers but if I were to make a sweeping generalization I think you are more likely to get a smile while walking down the street or help with your car if you are in California. (if any New Yorkers are reading this don't hate me! haha). 

How do you stop yourself from buying literally all the makeup?

Yikes, I don't know if I do lol. I think I try to watch a lot of Youtube makeup reviews before I purchase something so that I can avoid buying a disappointing product solely for the hype. If you ever go to Sephora with me I will stay there for hours and swatch everything until I go crazy because I want so many things. I have to keep my budget in mind so I try to only get things I really need or am absolutely in love with. 

Thank you to everyone who messaged me a question, this was so much fun! I will definitely be doing this again soon so keep more questions in mind. As always, I appreciate your support! See you soon for an exciting post, 

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