How to Get an Instagram Worthy Photo

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Hi everyone! Welcome back. Today's post is very exciting because I think it will be helpful to a lot of people. With the help of my amazing friend Elle Wolfley (@elle_wolfley) who shot all of the photos in the post, I have come up with a list of tips for you all to get the perfect Instagram photo. As always I hope you enjoy and that you will share this post with all of your friends! Check out my Instagram (@virtuallyyvogue) for more inspiration. 


When trying to find the ideal lighting for your photos, you have to remember the following:

  1. You want to have even lighting, meaning there aren't any distracting shadows that take away from the focus of the image. Take the photo above for example, the focus was my makeup and outfit but the shadows cast by the tree above took away from those aspects. In some photos this effect may be desired but for the purpose of this image it wasn't what we were going for.                
  2. Depending on the aesthetic you are going for, you want to find the lighting that best complements your look. For my photos I always try to find sunlight or bright lights to emphasize whatever look I have put together. In this photo I am standing directly in the sun so you could all see my whole outfit.
  3. In the photo below, I am standing with my back to the sun, however, so that we could avoid the highlights overpowering the look. Sometimes too much light can also ruin an image and make you lose some of the information you are trying to show, so you always want to look for a happy medium. (it won't always be perfect so that's where editing comes in)


As a blogger, the way I edit my photos is essential to what I do. You always want your photos to fit with your theme and look as good as possible!
  1. Find whatever editing app works best for you. My personal favorite is VSCO just because I love the filters they have and I feel like they have endless options. Other good ones are Facetune, Instagram, and AfterFocus.
  2. Especially when you are uploading a photo taken on your phone, I would always recommend bumping up the clarity and structure so the image looks clear and like it was taken on an actual camera. 
  3. If you have a new iPhone use portrait mode always. IT IS AMAZING.
  4. You also want to try to boost the contrast to make the colors pop and define details. 


For me personally, having the right background is essential to my photos. Whether it is something iconic in a city like the Golden Gate Bridge or a monochromatic wall, backgrounds add a lot to the overall aesthetic. 
  1. Elle recommends using monochromatic walls for more professional shots when the focus of the image is a specific product or clothing item you want a simple background that won't detract from the focal point. 
  2. When you want a photo showing you in action like strutting your stuff in your favorite outfit, the background can be busier -- like the classic New York Taxi in the photo above. 
  3. The background should always complement your look but you should still be the focus unless you want to show off something specific.

Have fun

The most important thing is for you to not take yourself too seriously. I am in no ways a model so it always takes me a few photos before I really start getting into it and really posing. Just remember to work it and find someone who makes you feel good when they're taking your photos. So grateful to have found someone as talented as Elle to be my photographer and close friend 💓

I hope you enjoyed today's post and that it helps you make your instagram as amazing as you want! See you again soon. Xoxo!

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