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Q: Do you currently go to a school that has a strict dress code? If not, what are the requirements?
A: We go to a school that does not have a strict dress code. The requirements are shoes, which may sound a little silly to some, but our school has chosen not to limit the student’s freedom of expression through what they wear, only having made note of the importance of shoes, just so that people are not stepping on dangerous, unsanitary, or gross things on the floor. As fashion enthusiasts, we are lucky that our school allows us to wear whatever we want. 

Q: In some high schools, dress codes set the guidelines for what students are expected to wear in school buildings and classrooms. Some teachers/parents think that dress codes should be implemented, while others argue that dress codes violate and restrict the students' freedom of expression. What are your thoughts?
A: We find the whole notion of dress codes to be rather ridiculous and unfair as it tends to target women very specifically. When you pay attention to who gets "coded" on a regular basis it is almost entirely teenage girls, because their "revealing" outfits are deemed distracting to their male counterparts. Not only does this create the notion that institutions value the education of males over females but it also can be seen as a violation of our freedom of expression. For people who love fashion like us, we feel like what we wear is a way for us to express ourselves and show people who we are without having to speak. The only thing we feel should be banned is any clothing that contains derogatory language, images, or context because that is something that actually has the ability to make someone uncomfortable in a classroom setting rather than, the shoulders and knees of a classmate. Although that is not to say some people can't be offended by revealing clothing, but we think its unfair to limit teens, who are in the process of figuring out who they are, from expressing themselves.

The arguments on whether a school should or should not adopt [strict] dress codes has been especially prominent over the past year. Many people have expressed their feelings on dress codes and have expressed their responses to situations where students have been sent home for showing "too much skin" or wearing makeup. Here are some of many videos that we would like to share with you all:

"Cover up those straps in a hurry with...bam, a pad!"

On a less humorous note, here is one shedding more light on the topic by telling the stories of students who have dealt with and faced challenges due to the dress code (warning: explicit language):

Confused at all? Watch this:

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

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