Makeup: Favorite Budget Friendly Brands

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I am one of those people who truly believes that makeup is an art form that should be appreciated rather than shamed. For makeup gurus like me one of the most gratifying experiences is buying that high end product we have been saving up to get, or wearing a product from a brand new collection for the first time. Yet, eventhough brands like MAC and Urban Decay have amazing products for a relatively high cost, there are other brands who are just as good and much more budget friendly. Everyone should be able to wear makeup and feel confident (not that anyone needs makeup to feel good about themselves) regardless of their financial situation which is why I wanted to share with you all my 3 favorite affordable makeup brands! 

e.l.f. - My first experience with e.l.f products was last year when I was shopping at Old Navy and noticed their entire collection by the cash register. As expected, I felt the need to try them so I bought a few brushes and a contour kit. I was so impressed by the high quality of the brushes and how well they applied all of my makeup. Not only were they efficient but also such a steal at only $3-$7 per brush. The contour kit had a very nice bronzer which I still use on occasion and the texture of it was very smooth and lasting. I definitely need to go out and try more of their products which I will update you all on as I do! Out of 10 I give e.l.f. a solid 9! 

ColourPop- if you have been consistently reading our posts you know I RAVE about ColourPop, especially their lip products. Their ultra matte lips collection has so many incredible colors that look so nice on all skintones (!!!), are all so long lasting, and only cost $6 a piece!  Their Lippie Stix and liners (both $5 each) are also so so good and the texture is so creamy and really is one of the best lipsticks I have ever worn. I haven't gotten around to trying their other face products but I have heard wonders about their eye shadows and highlighters. Honestly obsessed with this brand! Out of 10, ColourPop gets a 9.5! 

Maybelline - last but not least is probably the most accessible brand of the 3. You can honestly find Maybelline products at any drugstore for a very comfortable price. Like most other people, I own so many of their mascaras as their collection is vast and each one serves a different propose. All their different mascaras have not failed to impress me and they are all usually within 5 to 10 dollars each. I also recently bought their liquid liner which comes in a long cone like container and have been so impressed with the quality! They have such a huge variety and you can definitely find any product you are looking for in their section. Out of 10, I give Maybelline an 8.5!

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