Super Bowl 50: Performance Recap

11:31:00 AM

As many of you know, this year's Super Bowl was set in San Francisco! Aka the best city in the world and our hometown. "Super Bowl City" was set up in the heart of the city where there were 3 different stages, an NFL experience section, and various other fun activities. The city was a total mayhem this week as there were many well known stars in the area performing at various locations. We, along with some other friends and family, attended the One Republic and Alicia Keys concerts on Friday and Saturday. Needless to say they were incredible and even better, it was free! We even had a run in with Joe Jonas, our childhood crush, and our inner fan girls could barely handle it.

Friday (One Republic)

The experience that Friday night was just incredible, because not only were we able to make it to the 2nd row and maneuver to the middle for a better view, the band performed so many songs that we knew all the lyrics to - such as Apologize, a new version of Good Time, and Counting Stars! Their performance of "If I Lose Myself" was the most climactic way to end their set. Theyesp. Ryan Tedder, knew how to entertain and keep the audience along with the rest of the band members having a great time.

Saturday (Alicia Keys)

Saturday was definitely a lot more spontaneous and more of an adventure. We were told that Superbowl City located in the Embarcadero, had been filled to capacity at 12am, and by the time we all met up, we had pretty much given up trying to get in to see Alicia. We resorted to going on a celebrity hunt at Pier 39 for Maroon 5, only to run into Joe Jonas. After that happened, we were lucky enough to find a way into Superbowl city, barely in time, to watch Alicia!


*All pictures and videos were taken by us.

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