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Happy Sunday friends! Today I wanted to do a post about makeup because I feel like it has been a while since I last talked about my favorite topic! Not to be conceited, but I often get complimented on my glow and get asked what highlighter I'm wearing. Like most people in the makeup world today, I am obsessed with highlighter and it is always my favorite part of my makeup routine. So, I decided I would put together a list of my 5 favorite highlighters of all time so you can all see how I get my glow. Enjoy!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop $38 

I have to say, this is my absolute FAVORITE highlighter ever. The glow it gives you is unreal and it honestly is the perfect champagne shade. Not too pink, not too yellow. I love that I can wear it all year round because it works well with different skin tones whether I'm really tan or in my winter shade. You can use it to give you a soft glow or build up for a blinding look. Not to mention the fact that the incredible Jaclyn Hill, one of my all time favorite Youtubers, created it!

Kylighter in Strawberry Shortcake $22

My story with this highlighter is really funny. When I first got it, I hated it! I think it was originally pressed too hard so it was hard to get to the pigmentation. Once I started using it more, however, the glow was unreal! It is such a beautiful pink shade that doesn't make it look like you've put on too much blush. I would say if you order it, try to get several things because the shipping is pretty rough but other than that it is amazing. 

Wet n Wild Precious Petals Highlighter $5

It has been really hard for me to find a good drugstore highlighter because they always tend to be pressed poorly which means the pigmentation doesn't come through. When I tried this Wet n Wild highlighter came out though I fell in love. It looks so beautiful on and you can really build up the pigmentation as much as you want. Not to mention how affordable it is! I highly recommend it, and they also have a few other shades for different skin tones. 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft n Gentle $34


When I first started using makeup this was the very first highlighter I ever bought. I saved up and went to the MAC store and asked them what their best highlighter was and she handed me this one. I used it nonstop for almost a year because the glow it gives you is unreal. It is perfect if you want a natural glow from within look or you can build it up for a super blinding shine. It is slightly pink and silver in undertones so it gives you a bit of an icy glow rather than a warm-toned one. Highly recommend!

NARS Illuminator in Copacabana $30

I had to mention this liquid illuminator because I have been obsessed for so long. I don't ever really use it as a normal highlighter on the top of my cheekbones but it is the best product for mixing with foundation. I always apply it to my face before using foundation or tinted moisturizer and it makes my skin so glowy and natural I absolutely love it. It's perfect for a day when you want a glow from within look even if your skin isn't cooperating.

Honorary mention: Fenty Beauty in Trophy Wife $34

I had to put this in here because it's my favorite "over the top" highlighter. I don't wear it often but for an event or just a day I'm feeling extra this highlighter is stunning. It is SO pigmented that a small dip into the product will have you blinding everyone you walk by. Honestly Rihanna absolutely killed it with her entire collection but this highlighter has got to be my favorite. 

I hope you enjoyed my list of my all time favorite highlighters and that some of them inspire you to go out and get your glow on! See you again soon,

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