Story Time: My First New York Fashion Week!

7:12:00 PM

Welcome back everyone!

Today, I have potentially one of the most exciting posts ever. As I mentioned last time and as you can tell by the title of this post, I am now living in the Big Apple and I was lucky enough to attend my very first NYFW show! It was none other than the ICONIC Rebecca Minkoff. Let me start by saying that she is one of the most humble and laid back individuals I have met. She was so kind and willing to stop and talk to everyone that was there. As one of my fashion icons and favorite brands, meeting her was definitely a dream come true. 
Now, on to the fashion itself. I kid you not, I shed a tear or two as I was watching the show happen right in front of me. I never imagined when I woke up that morning that I would get a front row view of such a beautiful show. Let's just say that whatever expectations I had for the show were met and surpassed a billion times. I was in awe of the collection, the amazing bloggers and models who walked, but most of all just how genuinely kind everyone was. After the show, we were brought into the store where they were all hanging out. It was amazing to see how open they were to talking to everyone and giving advice on what the best pieces to buy were. Everything about the environment felt glamorous but also incredibly welcoming. Here are some of my favorite pieces and moments from the show:

I wanted to end this post by saying you should never tell yourself any one of your dreams is unrealistic. If a year ago you would have told me I would get to watch the Rebecca Minkoff NYFW show and hang out with her and some of my favorite bloggers afterwards, I would have never believed you. My transition to NY has definitely not been easy, but that day I truly felt at home. I got to soak in some of the things I love most and it is truly a day I will never forget. Here's to fashion and the incredible feeling it gives us! 

I hope you enjoyed, and see you all on Sunday!

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