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*Disclaimer this post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned, we love these products all on our own.


Hey everyone! Just a heads up, I've been in Tampa since yesterday for a conference that runs from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm every day, and the jet lag has hit me pretty hard. I'm going to keep this post fairly simple but I promise when I get back there will be many more exciting things for me to share with you all! Xoxo. -F


I must admit I was really into MAC cosmetics this past month, so the majority of my favorites are from there. Although, I do have plenty of other favorite cosmetic brands that I shop from! Based on my experiences with the product I’m going to rate it and if you think it might be something that works for you, check it out!

Mac Mineralizing Powder (shade- Medium Dark)- Before this, I was using the mac studio fix powder and the coverage was great but I felt like it wasn’t doing much for my face and often made me look washed out or "cake faced" in pictures. I went to MAC to see if they had a better option, and the makeup artist who helped me recommended this mineralizing powder because it has extra hydration for people who experience dryness. I decided to try it and I’ve loved it! It leaves my face feeling smooth, the coverage is incredible, and it stays true to my natural complexion. Out of 10, I give it an 8! Price: $32.00 (pricey but worth it, at least for me). 

MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme (shade- "Lowlights")- I have a strong obsession with eyebrows and constantly struggle with one eyebrow looking better than the other. Sisters not twins? Mine were looking more like second cousins. So, with that said I have tried basically every form of product for filling in eyebrows. Originally I was using the MAC eyebrow powder and liked it for a while but then found that it wasn’t giving me the definition I wanted so I moved onto a brow pencil. I struggled with pencil because I don’t have the sturdiest hand and always found myself smudging it or pressing too hard and leaving a super dark spot. Finally I tried out this gel, which I apply with an angled brush, and really loved it! It gives me just the amount of definition and color I want but it doesn’t look too exaggerated or heavy? Fake? Dark? Although if you want to go for that MAC girl dramatic eyebrow, this could also be helpful. Out of 10, I give it an 8.5! Price: $16.50. 

Dark Lipsticks- It is officially my favorite time of the year, which means its time to pull out the heavy coats, boots, scarves, and dark lipsticks! As mentioned in our last post, I am currently in love with the color maroon, both in my clothing and my lipsticks. My favorite one at the moment, "Rebel" by MAC, is somewhere between plum and magenta. I have also been using "Instigator" by MAC, which is very similar in color but has a darker pigmentation when applied. My third and final favorite lipstick at the moment, is "Limbo" by ColourPop. It is part of their Ultra Matte lipstick collection, and the color is a nice deep chocolate brown, which I find looks gorgeous on all skin tones. Out of 10, I give them all a 9, highly recommend! Price: Limbo- $6.00! Rebel and Instigator- $17.00 each. 


Bath and Body Works Fall Collection- You may or may not know that I am a huge fan of candles and fall respectively, so whenever Bath & Body Works combine the two, I tend to go a little crazy shopping. This year I tried to control myself and only bought four out of the huge variety of candles to choose from. Out of all four my absolute favorite was "Marshmallow Fireside," because not only does it encompass some of my favorite parts of fall, the smell is incredible! Without even lighting it, the sweet and warm smell spread throughout my room and I honestly am struggling to put into words how much I love it. So basically, everyone go buy it! Also, I love the Christmas collection even more so I can not wait to be back home so I can go out and buy as many candles as I can possibly carry. Out of 10, 9.999999! Price: $22.50 (so worth it).


Forever 21 Fall/Winter Collection- I love to shop at Forever 21 for the most part although I often find it a bit overwhelming and have found myself getting progressively bored of them always having the same type of items. But, their fall and winter collection this year blew my mind! They had some of the cutest things I had seen in a long time, which prompted me to buy around 20 sweaters within the span of two weeks. I can't specifically pin down the certain things I bought because there were so many and were only a small percentage of all the things I became obsessed with. If I had to choose my favorite piece I got, it would be the navy blue sweater/vest with a fur neckline pictured above. The reason I love it is because not only does it make me feel fabulous, it is also so cozy and easy to style. Out of 10, I give the collection a solid 8. Everyone must check it out! Price (of mentioned vest): $49.50 (very pricey for Forever 21, but I could not resist).


Bows- As I mentioned before, one of my favorite ways to accessorize is with headbands, bows, or other head accessories. Recently I've been wearing the half-up half-down ponytail all the time, and I found that putting a bow over it made it ten times cuter. I went on a small hair bow haul, and found some cute ones at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Nordstrom, and H&M. The prices varied depending on the store and style of the bow, but for the most part they were between 3 and 10 dollars. They are such a simple and chic way to accessorize, and they can be worn in so many ways so I highly recommend you all go out and get one! And if you do, send us pictures so we can feature it on our social media pages!



Skincare + Makeup

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+- I have been using this for a while but now that the air in San Francisco has been a lot more brisk because of the fall season, my skin has become drier. So I've found myself using lotion, especially on my face, very frequently to hydrate my skin to keep it feeling soft. It is super important to keep your skin hydrated during this fall/upcoming winter season, even if you may have an oilier skin complexion, to avoid from possible flaking and cracking of your skin. This lotion from Clinique is absolutely perfect for all skin types and I use it everyday in both my morning and night time routines. A little goes a long way with this product and it doesn't feel heavy on my face, and it doesn't leave a shiny residue or break me out. 10/10, I highly recommend this product! Price: $26.00

Limited Edition ChapStick Candy Cane- I had been using the EOS lip balm for the longest time, but I knew it was time for a change because after a while, it didn't give me the moisture and result I wanted from a lip balm. I switched to the original flavored ChapStick, until a friend recommended this flavor to me in late October, and I instantly fell in love! The peppermint goes so well with the holiday season and I really like the minty, cooling sensation on my lips. In addition to hydrating my skin, hydrating my lips is a must. ChapStick is always a great go-to. It's simple and it really does the job. I rate it 9/10. Price: $1.49 on the website (prices vary for multipacks in stores)

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush (color: 80 Jersey)- I haven't always been a fan of blush because I have struggled with the color not lasting very long or looking too clowny. I have a tan skin complexion, so finding the right shade took a while. My aunt is a makeup consultant and she gave this to me, and I was surprised to see how well the color complimented my skin tone. It has shimmer in it, but not too much. This color is not too pink, which is great because the product is very buildable and it gives me a natural looking flush. I also found that it lasts throughout the day, which is a plus, so I don't find myself reapplying it often. I would rate this product 8.5/10, because it works really well for me. Price: $45.00 (Pricey, but feel free to check it out if you would like!)

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Spf 15 (color: N30)- I don't know why this is, but liquid foundations feel too heavy for me and it's not my favorite makeup product to use on the daily. Using a powder, especially a sheer powder, has been something I've been doing for a while because it's fast for me to use, and theres almost no way to put on too much to look cake-faced. It's light coverage, which I like because it looks very natural. It also smells good and the Spf is such a plus. It leaves me with an almost matte finish, and lasts the majority of the day. I would recommend this if you are looking for sheer coverage. This also works as a powder to set your liquid foundation and concealer. Price: $58.00 (again, it's high up there, but feel free to check it out! I really like it.)


Faux Leather Moto Jacket- I have been looking for the perfect moto jacket for the longest time and when I got mine from H&M, it was almost impossible for me to stop wearing it with every outfit I wore in November. It has gold accents and it has a detachable faux fur collar, which dresses up any outfit I put on. It's fitting and matches my style very well because it adds edginess to anything. For any leather jacket, I 10/10 recommend (check out Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, too!). Price: varies from store to store and depends on the style of leather jacket, but it can start from $20+. The one that I described was $80. I wanted to invest in a jacket that not only looks super cute, but is very durable, warm, and comfortable.

H&M Conscious V-neck Sweater (color: white melange)- I haven't had many fall season sweaters in my closet before November, so when I walked into H&M and saw their new holiday/fall collection, I was immediately drawn to the simplicity and neutrality of the colors and designs of their clothes.  The cotton blend material is thin (but not see through or too cold if worn alone) and comfortable in this sweater. The deep v-neck allows for me to use statement necklaces, or even just simple charm necklaces. The color I chose to is a really universal color and matches with nearly everything - I've been wearing it with a lot of blacks, whites, greens, and burgundy. I would recommend 9/10! Price: $19.99


Caramel Balayage Highlights- I had a sombre (subtle ombre) in my hair since the 8th grade, and just last year in my sophomore year, I tried out highlights. I went back to my stylist last month and asked for lighter, cooler tones because I felt that I was ready to do more dramatic things to my hair. Only now, coloring my hair lighter has sparked my interest in exploring more fun colors.


I have a passion for music - both listening to it, making it, and even jamming out to it. As this season dawned on us, so many artists came out with new music, including Adele with "25", Troye Sivan with his EP "WILD" and newly released album "BLUE NEIGHBORHOOD", "Pentatonix" by Pentatonix, and "Delirium" by Ellie Goulding. These albums have stood out to me the most and I have been listening to the artists's music non-stop last month. I highly recommend these artists and their music, so check them out!

These are just some of the things we have been loving recently and if you guys have things you would like us to check out, please leave a comment below and we would love love love to talk to you all about your personal favorites! 

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