What to Wear: Valentine's Day Edition

4:10:00 PM

At school we have a day called "classy affair" that happens once every month, where we pick a theme and encourage the student body to dress up in their nicest looks. For us, the word "classy" does not correlate to the word "wealth," as we recognize that style transcends price, and is about one's own creativity and individuality. Since it's coming up, the theme of this month's classy affair was Valentine's Day! We made it very open-ended by telling them that the requirement was only: red, pink, white, purple, and a splash of their personal style. In addition, it was important that everyone knew that dressing up didn't mean dressing up according to societal gender norms. So without further ado, here are ours and our classmates'/teachers' outfits. Special thanks to everyone who participated! xoxo

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