The Good & The Bad: Throwback Edition

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The styles that both Fatima and I have are unique and reflect our personalities pretty accurately. Achieving personal style takes a lot of practice in order to get right, and although it took us a couple of years in to get our own styles down, we are still trying to figure out what works with us and what doesn't. There have been a lot of incredible fashion steps that we took to get to where we are today, as well a couple of bad fashion decisions that are certainly questionable. For this post, we're going to explore those.

Starting off with Nicole...

This Princess Varsity Jacket from Disney was an iconic piece of clothing in my closet. Sporty and cute.

Yikes. What makes these particularly interesting are my choices in certain colors and patterns. 

Outfit #1: I was not only obsessed with this sweater, but my flare jeans and my black formal flats were such a go-to for me back then.  

Outfit #2: This was when I started to grow interest in circle scarves. Clearly my excitement to wear it has caused me to overlook what other tops I should have probably chose to wear with this outfit.

Outfit #3: I wore this to a class picture. I chose to wear neon to stand out in a 400 person crowd. It worked out in the photo, but in real life, not so much. Not only was I a walking hazard because I could have blinded someone with this extremely neon (dimmed in the photo) pink sweater, the tights and brown combat boots should have been switched for something else.

These outfits represent first times I wore pieces that definitely worked out.

Outfit #1: This was a Valentine's Day outfit and one of the first times I've styled a denim jacket. The pink floral print and the belt were a good choice. I'm pretty sure that I wore either flats or white converse.

Outfit #2: Such a throwback. Wearing gold accessories has started from the beginning and is still going on strong.

Outfit #3: First time I wore a maxi skirt - and this one was designed and had mini slits up the sides. It was a birthday outfit and it made me feel confident. Choosing the black crop cop worked well with the outfit, and of course, the gold accent was a must.

Outfit #4: This was the first time I wore all these pieces for the first time. It was the outfit that began the shift over to the style that I have now. It's very simple, in terms of colors and all.

Now Fatima...

Thank god for growing up! Am I right?

Outfit #1 & 2:  Yes I was obsessed with Hannah Montana. No that is not the point of these pictures. Haha. I wore the grey hoodie in the first picture way too much and apparently I though a giant photo of Miley's face went well with any outfit I could think of. In the second picture, although you may be distracted by the incredibly spot on costume, the point is for you to notice the black leather boots I'm wearing. They had a chunky wedge and I wore them absolutely everywhere, I still get mad at my mom for allowing me to wear them out in public. 

Outfit #3: Plaid jacket, striped scarf, and doggy print vans just do not work well together. Why didn't anyone tell me mixing so many patterns is a fashion faux pas?!

Outfit #4: Flower power? More like no. I'm not sure why I thought wearing headbands like a hippie was an acceptable everyday look.

Fatima the fashion queen since 1999.

Outfit #1: The metallic and leather vibes of this look are currently super trendy so props to 2009 Fatima for predicting the future. Definitely something I would wear today!

Outfit #2: Personally, I feel like bright colors work really well with tan skin so I think this yellow dress really did wonders for my complexion. Even now I always try and make sure I have bold colors in my closet.

Outfit #3: Whenever going to a party or important event I always try and wear pastel or neutral colors because I feel like they look very classy and are super easy to style. This was my 8th grade dinner dance and one of my favorite dresses I've ever worn!

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