Coloring My Hair

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Throughout the years, I have tried so many different hair styles and as of recently, different hair colors. I believe someone's hair expresses a lot about who they are as a person, and I absolutely enjoy changing up my hair frequently for many different reasons. One, adding hints of color adds to any look. Two, being open to new looks gives me the opportunity to see what works for me and what doesn't. Three, it stands out. Last but definitely not least, HAIR WILL ALWAYS GROW BACK.

This was me back in 2013 - bangs and a blue ombre. This was the first time that I colored my hair and went through the process of bleaching. This was a done at home job. I used Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream in VooDoo Blue and it faded into a sea-green color. I cut it off all the blue my the end of 2013.

In 2014, when my hair was long enough, I went back to bangs and an ombre and it was once again done at home. I bleached and used a permanent brown hair dye from Revlon to achieve this look.


When 2015 came around, I got highlights professionally done. It's important to go to a professional if you're going to do a first time all around hair job to avoid mistakes. I went to get highlights twice, where the second trip was in September to refresh and brighten up the second half of my hair more. Highlights make your hair look fuller!


November/December 2015 - I had my hair lightened a lot more, added more highlights, got it toned with silver and lavender color. As much as I loved this color/look, it only lasted for a month.


This is what the previous hair color faded into. It was a really nice color - very light - but overtime, my highlights began to look very uneven.


A couple days ago I decided to take a bold move and use Ion brilliance demi-permanent in midnight blue black. It's so dark and resembles a little bit how my hair used to look like back in 2010, without the blue of course. I am currently loving it, but I know that I'll want to change it up again after some time.

I know that it damages my hair when I color, but don't worry, I do deep-conditioning treatments whenever I can just so that my hair is kept looking/feeling as shiny and healthy as it can be.

If you are considering to color your hair, the decision is yours. I have had people support my decisions on what to do with my hair, and there were people who completely looked down upon the idea completely. Don't let others limit the ways you want to express yourself. If you like it, wear it. Wear it confidently.

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